Plumbing program for foreign citizens

We offer the following training programs to foreign citizens:


Previous background: we invite people with knowledge of  English language at BASIC level and no prior knowledge in the industry to join the program.

Residence permit: We can form an Invitation ifor a residence permit for this program for a period of 12 months

Group: International group up to 12 people

Program name: "Basics of maintenance of building engineering systems"

License No.: P_4176

Accreditation ID: AI_1933

Validity period of accreditation: 19.07.2027

Program duration: 12 months

Group languages: international, ENG (basic level)

Amount of practice: 70%

Study schedule: 1 day a week

Online options: only theoretical classes

Contents of the program: Practice - 70% You will work practically. You will work both theoretically (you can participate in class or online) and practically (in class) learning work technologies with various tools, devices and materials.
Within this program, you will learn to use, assemble and repair water pipes and sewage equipment

Documents for admission and invitation: passport and valid visa or residence permit, passport of a foreign citizen, copy of last education (minimum basic education), completed application for studies. Completed questionnaire for English language proficiency test.